I was born in 1923 at 29 Temple Street , Dublin opposite the Children’s hospital.  I lived in married quarters in different army barracks in Dublin, from the age of two until I married Kathleen(Kay) Rothery in 1949. I lived on Bunting Road in Walkinstown from marriage until 1965 when I moved to Butterfield Orchard where I still reside.

Sadly Kay died on 1st April 2015. We had been married 65 years. RIP.uul

My connection with Ballyroan Boys School.

I have been involved with the boys in third classes during the last two years. It has been a very rewarding process. The boys love to hear about life when older people were growing up. The recent project in the library, is a good example of this. The grandparents who participated enjoyed it also. The posts on this blog, in a small way, tell about my experiences with the school.

My son and grandson both attended the school some years ago, but I do not have anyone there at present. I was invited to come to tell the boys about my life in the 1930,s. Subsequently I was asked to act as ‘honorary’ grandparent for boys who may have no grandparents, or whose grandparents cannot attend. I have enjoyed my interaction with them very much.

The teachers, Ms Saoirse Rooney, Ms Anne Mazzoni, and Ms Niamh Dunne, also the Principal, Mr Des Morris, and the Secretary Ms Trish Mullen, were extremely supportive,and I wish to thank them sincerely for their kind invitation and unstinted cooperation.

The school holds a Grandparent’ Day each year and I would highly recommend it to all concerned. Attendance only is sufficient for many. Come and see the boys entertain us. People who wish may participate further if requested. One way or another, the boys love to see their Grans and Grandads there.