The Carol singers.

Friday 22nd December 2017 was the last day in the year for Ballyroan Boys School. They finish school at 3pm.

About 2.30 pm I received a visit at home, from the boys in 3rd classes. They were accompanied by their teachers Ms. Rooney and Ms. Dunne. They lined up outside my front garden and sang some Christmas songs for me. Many of the boys were playing their recorders. A very welcome and rewarding visit for me.

To add to the pleasure, I was presented with Christmas cards all created, written and illustrated by the boys themselves. I will try to publish as many as possible on this site. It will have to be by lucky dip.

I attach some photos, kindly taken by my neighbour, Daragh Mullen. I will add more when available.

I have sent this email to the boys. They return to school after the Christmas break, on tomorrow, the 8th. January. I attach some pictures of their cards. Pity I can’t display all the drawings in them. I did the best I could.

Hi Boys,

I’m speechless.
Haven’t got over the shock at seeing all of you outside my own house, playing your recorders and singing just for me. It was cool and very good of you to give me such a treat. All my friends were delighted, but I think some of my neighbors were jealous.
Please thank Miss Rooney and Ms Dunne. They were very good to organize the visit. Did you like the picture of you all. Super.

And what about your Christmas cards? Smashing👏. Showed them to my family and friends. All are delighted with them.

Hope everyone of you got the presents you wanted?.Some of you told me what you had asked for. I didn’t get what I asked for. Don’t think Santa likes me. I think he was jealous when he saw you down here with me. Maybe next time I’ll be lucky.

The cards were really brilliant. An awful lot of trouble and hard work. Anyone can send a text., but it takes a lot to write a card or a letter. Thanks a million. I loved them all.

Hope to see you all soon, but in the meantime, may I wish you a very happy 2018.

Your pal from ‘The Reeks’,


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