L.D.F (Local Defence Force).


I joined the L.D.F. in Cathay Brugha Barracks Rathmines, Dublin. It was then called Potobello Barracks. As my friends had enlisted in the Medical Corps, I did lie wise. We trained one weekday evening and often at weekends. Trading was normal Army drills and medical training. We did occasional route marches and I spent a few weeks in Gormanston army camp near Drogheda. I resigned  in 1946, after the war had ended, although the force remained as a voluntary force for many years afterwards. I thoroughly enjoyed my period with them.

One highlight was participating in the Army Tatoo in the R. D. S. in Ballsbridge in 1945. Another was in Army manoeuvres which involved the Southern Command versus the Eastern Command.

I attach a photo of our group, takenI believe in 1945. It was called  43rd. Company, 11th Field Ambulance. Our commander was  Dr. (Capt.)  Rudi Neuman, Rathmines. The photo shows those who were present that evening and I have listed those I know. If anyone can identify the two missing I would be delighted to learn them. All Vol.(volunteer) except where otherwise stated

Back row.
C. O’Keefe,Dermot McCarthy,Wm.Keogh,Ed Smith,F.McGillicuddy,Tom Stokes.
Middle row.
L.Bloomfield,P.Horgan.J.Savage,Cpl.V.Byrne,B.Carroll,L.Hogan,B.Greene, ?No name
Front row.
?no name, J.O’Reilly,J.Briscoe,Sgt.P.Byrne,Capt.Dr.R.Neuman,(?)J.Kent,
Absent that evening include Cpl. Paul Oliver, and Vol. John McKnight.

Note. Joe Briscoe became well known in Dublin afterwards as a dentist. He came from a political family. Brendan Greene became a doctor and practised in Sundrive Road area. img_1843

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