Ballyroan class 2017/8

On Wednesday 4th. October I was in Ballyroan Boy’s School, at the invitation of the teachers of the new 3rd. classes. Ms Rooney and Ms Mazzoni must be gluttons for punishment. The boys were assembled in one room and I told them about my school days and of living generally, in the 1930’s. They had plenty of questions and appear to have liked our chat. It is exceptionally nice to be invited once again, and I thank the school for doing so. Before I left, I was asked to call in to last year’s classes and was delighted to see all the familiar friends. I see some of them from time to time, out and about, and get the arranged greeting ‘Hi Flor’. 

       This year’s classes were excited about their forthcoming visit to Dublin mountains on the following day. Mr Tony Doolin, father of one of the boys, Adam, was to accompany them. He is a member of the ‘Search an Rescue Team’. Brave man, no doubt. About 60 boys. Whew! Expect he has the whole team on standby. As it happens, I know Tony all his life, as he lived next door, and we and his parents, Anne and Frank, had holidayed together for over twenty years. Lovely neighbours indeed. Sadly Frank is no longer with us. RIP.

        The boys have promised to write to me and tell me all about the trip. I am looking forward to that and will publish some of the letters on this site. Sorry I couldn’t be invited this time. Even smaller tests are off limits for me now. Miss walking in the mountains. 

Below is the letter I have written to them.

Hello boys, 
Hi boys.
I was delighted to meet you all on Wednesday. I hope I didn’t bore you with my stories about life, when I was about your age. Things have changed so much these days. You are all very lucky. No punishment and great teachers. Don’t you all agree? I forgot to tell you I had to walk to school. From Rathmines to Donore Avenue. A good distance. I had to run sometimes in case I would be late. Now, after my talk, you know why, don’t you?
Hope you all enjoyed your trip up Dublin mountains, with Mr.Doolin. A great man too. He lived next door to me when he was a boy. Wasn’t I lucky? You can tell me about it when we meet.

Just thought you would like to see some of the games we played, that I told you about. I am adding a few pictures. Hope you can see them ok. Your grandparents will tell you all about those games, if you ask them.
Hopefully see you all again soon. Don’t forget to say ‘Hi Flor’ if we meet.

Your new friend,
Conkers. He is a meanie. Holding it too high.

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