‘In my day’ project with Ballyroan boys in Ballyroan Library.

South Dublin Libraries invited Ballyroan school to participate in a story telling project with grandparents. It would be run over six weeks with Ms Fiona Dowling as storyteller. Miss Rooney’s third class were selected and it was held over Monday’s in November and December 2017.

Each session started with Fiona telling the boys a story where she had them participating with her. Then she would divide the boys into small groups accompanied by some grandparents. Different activities took place, all involving both.The purpose was to get the boys to hear stories from the past. Riddles became very popular and the boys enjoyed the series.

On 15th January 2018 the Mayor of South Dublin (Cllr. Paul Gogarty, opened an exhibition in Ballyroan Library showing some details and pictures of the work done. This was attended by Ms. Dowling, and the boys with their teacher Ms.Rooney. It was nice to meet some of the grandparents again. John and Rita Keane (Geoffrey), Conn Daly ( Ben), Malgorzata Planskamother, ( Mateausz), Patrick Power ( Cillian), Aidan Browne (Caellum) and Dolores Hopkins (Ethan)

Unfortunately Noreen and Jack O’Farrell are away and could not attend. Also Ryszard Pala, father of Malgorzata Obote, and grandfather of Mateausz, who had attended several weeks had returned to Poland.

Ben Daly read a letter on behalf of the boys. Well received and congratulations Ben. Well done. The Mayor then addressed those present and complimented all involved. He interacted very well with the boys and teased them with a riddle. Went down well. The morning concluded with a story from Fiona and then some refreshments. The grandparents were given some gifts also as a token of appreciation of their participation.

Attached are some photos of the event.

Mayor Gogarty addresses the audience.

Fiona tells her story. “And then one soldier says to the other,,,,,,”

Ben entertains us all. Librarian Síle Coleman approves.

A happy group. Another step in growing up.

Before the show. Mayor Gogarty tell the boys about his chain of office.

Below are some pictures of the display. Can be viewed in the Library.

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