Age Action. Silver SurferAwards 2019

There were 6 categories in the awards.

Schools IT Tutors award

Community Champions IT award

New to IT award,

Golden IT award

Hobbies on the Net award

Getting started award

There were 5 nominations chosen for each category. Thanks to Saoirse Rooney and her class in Ballyroan Boys School, I was nominated and placed in the ‘Golden Surfer’ section, which covered those over 85. 

I was supported by Saoirse and 9 boys, together with Trish Mullen, the school Secretary. Also my daughters, Vivian and Geraldine (Parker) and my close friends, Jimmy and Bernie Kelly. It was lovely having them all with me. Thank you most sincerely. 

I was fortunate to win this section, despite strong opposition. 

After all the categories were finished, the winners were invited back on stage and the overall award of the Silver Surfer was announced. I was shocked when my name was called, but delighted on behalf of the boys. The school has been exceptionally good to me over the last three years, and, of course, they share the honour with me

The categories.

Hobbies on the Net Award. Winners. Paddy McAuliffe and Paddy Tobin and Paddy Buckley.

Golden IT Award and Silver Surfer Award. Winner Flor McGillicuddy.

Schools and Colleges Award. Winner. Bandon Grammar School.

IT Tutor of the year award. Winner Sr. Margaret. (Sisters of Mercy)

Community Champion Award. Winner Margaret Culloty.

Getting started – New to I T. Winner Eleanor Lynch.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Acknowledgements to

C.E.O. Paddy Connolly and all the staff at Age Action. They were most helpful and produced a wonderful exhibition for us. Also Marc O’Sullivan who was so patient and helpful, and delivered us such lovely photos. Shay Byrne from RTÉ, who did the commentary and entertained us. The boys said you were funny, Shay. Praise indeed. Well done all around.

My grateful thanks to Saoirse Rooney, Trish Mullen and the boys from Ballyroan for their wonderful support. Also to the Principal, Mr. Des Morris for his enduring patience.

My daughters Deirdre, Vivian, and Geraldine for endless patience and support. And, of course, all the minding, nursing and putting up with. Not easy, I know.

My friends, Jimmy and Bernie Kelly for their continued support.

My two little, special supporters, Isabel and Katie Dennis, with Saoirse and their Mam and the boys including their brothers Ruairi and George. Thank you girls. 💐

and below with their Mam.

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