Visit to Dáil Éireann

The boys are due to visit the Dáil tomorrow, 24thApril, and I have been invited to attend with them. It has kindly been arranged by Mr. Colm Brophy, TD, and we look forward to meeting him there. It  has been waited for, with great anticipation, by all the boys,  I will report on our visit later.

The visit

We had a lovely tour of the Dáil this morning. Two classes went in the bus, but only Miss Rooney’s class could come in. Restricted numbers. Mr. McHugh’s class went to the National Museum next door.
We were made very welcome, and greeted by Mr. Colm Brophy, who had arranged the visit, and we were joined later by Mr. John Lehart , both of whom are TDs for our area.

Mr. Brophy welcomes us to Leinster House.

We were shown where the Dáil meetings take place and where the different parties are seated. Also where the press and important visitors are accommodated. We then saw where the Senate now sits, in temporary premises, while major roof repairs are carried out to the roof of Leinster House.We can see these places sometimes on television, in Dáil debates, but we know much more about the whole proceedings now.

On display are paintings our most recent Taoisigh of the State. Also photos of many TDs. I particularly liked the painting of our current President, Michael D. Higgins and the picture of women in government to celebrate 100 years since Irish women got a vote.
I would recommend a visit there, to all Irish people. We saw a good number of foreign visitors making the tour, and arriving to make enquiries. Easy to arrange.

Mr. Colm Brophy TD and Mr. John Lehart TD with me in the Dail.

After the tour, I came home with the Principal, Mr. Des Morris. Ms Rooney’s class went to the National Archaeology Museum and Mr McHugh went to the Natural History Museum, featuring animals, which is also part of the Leinster House project. These buildings, together with the National Library and the National Gallery, make the whole site a wonderful asset for all of us.
I must personally thank Ms Trish Mullen for looking after me so well, also Ms Saoirse Rooney for inviting me once again to celebrate with the boys.

My two angels. Saoirse laying down the law to Trish. I must have been told off.