95th. Birthday year. 2017/8.

Hectic end to another school year.

Thursday 14th. June 2018.

Ballyroan boys well done. After visits to the school, the Dáil and the library, I thought I was finished, but once again I was caught napping, when they turned up in force, at my front door, to sing ‘happy birthday ‘to me, on Wednesday. Cake as well, complete with candles. “Sorry” I was told, “we couldn’t fit 95 on it”. They made up for it, with their singing. And then to cap it all, I was given over 50 birthday cards all handwritten with lovely good wishes and colourful drawings. Thank you boys, I loved them all.

Then to my added surprise, I learned that no less than three boys were 10 on my birthday. They are shown below. Happy birthday boys.

Then on Thursday I had a pre-arranged visit to the school, for end of year. Was not excused, so had to go. All the 3rd classes were there, and I was particularly delighted to have the boys from 4th class there also. I had some great times with them last year. They each gave me a birthday card, well created, by themselves. Lovely to see the familiar names again. Thank you boys. Well done.

Many of the boys had asked me about holidays and places I had visited, so I decided to tell them about my trip to Papua New Guinea. It was in 1982/3 when my daughter, Geraldine was working there. It was a wonderful

and educating place. The people with so different cultures, and languages. Aloof but friendly when you get to know them.

I had brought some mementos to the school, including spears, a bow and arrows and some other artifacts. These were well liked by all and my effort with the bow and arrow, appeared to have gone down well.

I will include some photos but many more can be found on the internet. Well worth looking up and reading about.

I am very appreciative of all the help I receive from the staff in Ballyrroan, but particularly from my friends, Trish Mullen and Saoirse Rooney and Anne Mazzini. Thank you all, again.