Visit to Arbour Hill


Hi again boys.

Thanks a lot for your lovely invitation to hear Sean’s great-grandad telling all about his time with the army. It was a great idea to ask him. Well done. I will be delighted to go to hear him, and am looking forward to it.

If you remember, I told you that my Dad was in the army and I grew up in an army barracks. A little secret for you. We were afraid of sergeant- majors. They used to shout out orders to the soldiers and had great big voices. However, Sergeant Major Colton looked a nice man, so we should be alright.

I was jealous of all his lovely medals. They made a great show. I have only one and it doesn’t shine well. I was in the medical corps in the L.D.F. (Local Defence Force) while the Second World War was on. Soldiiers will tell you it was like Dad’s Army ( that was on the tv). It was not that bad, but we never had to go into danger, as Ireland was neutral. Different these days, as you will hear from Sergeant Major Colton.
I would also love to go with you all to Arbour Hill on Tuesday, if there is room. Great place to see and is important with regard to  history.
Thanks again and see you all soon,

Replies from the boys.

At Arbour Hill cemetery
IMG_1880 In front of the Memorial Wall.

The plot where 1916 leaders are buried.

In their element