Grandparent’s Day 31st January 2018


3rd classes in Ballyroan shared a special day in the school hall today. The teachers involved, Ms Saoirse Rooney, Ms Anne Mazzoni and Mr. Conor McHugh, had invited the boys to bring their Grannies and Grandads to hear them  singing and playing their musical instruments, and also for them to tell the boys some stories of their own childhood. Hi

The boys entertained us first and the grandparents were invited to tell their stories. They did not let us down. It was gratifying to see the large numbers who had come, and then to learn that some of them had travelled from many parts of Ireland just to support their grandsons. Cork, Limerick and Clare come to mind. I met some of them afterwards and they certainly had enjoyed their visit. I was delighted to meet a work colleague of mine from 65 years ago, Mr Paddy Hannigan, who has a grandson, Oisin Cullen in the class. Small world.t

We heard stories about country schools, where one teacher had to teach all classes in one or two rooms. Children having  to walk to school great distances. Having to bring turf and  wood for the fire. Outside toilets the norm, and so on. Different times certainly. Two grandparents mentioned that the teachers always sat beside the fire, while they sat in the cold. This was recognized by many present and raised a good laugh. The teachers present enjoyed that particularly. We were entertained by two grandfathers who sang for us after their reminisces. Everybody joined in the choruses.

Not to be outdone, the boys concluded the day with a rousing singing  of ‘ The girl from the County Down’, and were then allowed to go home with their grandparents. A pleasant change for them

Some photos to remind us of our pleasant visit to Ballyroan school.


The boys greet the grandparents with a song.


The twins introduce their grandmother

The boys greeting

My grandad.


Adam Doolin:s Grandad from Clare
Two Grandads
Oisin Cullen’s grandad, Paddy Hannigan, and Flor




The rousing send-off